Android Programming

Introduction to Android Programming Training Course covers the basics of Android development, including creating a simple application, accessing and working with the Android file system, creating an application that uses multimedia, and accessing and working with databases. The course also covers advanced Android user interface development, multimedia in Android, and SQL database development.

Core Java Programming

Core Java Programming is a fundamental version of the Java programming language that establishes the groundwork for all future Java development. It refers to a collection of libraries rather than the programming language itself. Core Java is used to develop desktop or window-based applications and is a part of the Java Standard Edition (Java SE). It covers fundamental concepts of Java, such as object-oriented programming, Java language basics, classes and objects, annotations, interfaces and inheritance, numbers and strings, generics, packages, and exception handling. Core Java is designed to be simple, object-oriented, robust, platform-independent, and secure, making it an ideal choice for developing applications that can run on different platforms.